“We give our hotel room to a homeless person”

Here is the sequel to the story of Guillaume, a homeless man I met in Limoges, France. Through this character, true, you will discover with me behind the scenes of a society that no longer accepts his, simply because they are poor. In this year 2018, you will read on my blog, articles that inspire you, that give you a little joy, that you vivify, in short that give meaning to our life.

It is 1 pm  I ask the receptionist if a homeless person can occupy our room during the weekend, in case of non-reimbursement. The answer is yes. Then I try my luck on the side of com .

To my great surprise, Solange, it’s her name, answers me with kindness that it is possible to transfer us to Châteauroux, but she puts me on hold to be able to inform the hotel of Limoges. After a few minutes, she comes back and tells me that she is really sorry, because the hotel refuses the transfer of the reservation to another hotel of the same brand.

I tell him that this hotel chain also accepted at least to host a homeless person. She replies that the receptionist had indeed spoken to her. To reassure me, I remember the hotel and I announce to the young woman that I will take a taxi and go around the city center of Limoges in search of a homeless who will take my place at the hotel. She answers in the affirmative. My wife is happy to hear that a homeless, homeless, and needy person will replace us at the hotel for the weekend, rather than leaving our money to a multinational that already has a lot .

“The homeless left Limoges after the defeat of the PS”

1:45 pm: the taxi arrives from downtown, and the head of the tourist office asks the driver to help us find a homeless person. “It’s a Limougeaud-name of the inhabitants of Limoges-it can help you”, launches this great British-style limougeaude. Here we go. In a few minutes, we find ourselves in the center of Limoges. After 30 years under socialist administration, the city passed to the hands of the right.

Since March 2014, a mayor from the Union of the Right (UD), Emile-Roger Lombertie, has installed himself at the head of Limoges. Homeless people exist, suffer and survive, but they are invisible. Michel, our taxi driver, quips and tells us that they left with the PS. The homeless have probably gone to find a small place warm, or others shiver under boxes that serve as blankets.

In front of the station of Limoges-Montjovis where they usually gather, the place is deserted. We go to the town hall at number 9, place Léon-Betoulle. They come in time, says Michel. Here it is the pigeons who have taken the place of the homeless, and Michel points out that even these birds need to be warm. I tell him that they are used to living outside and acclimate to the seasons. The homeless, they need a roof during the winter, even if Limoges is considered the capital of fire. ( To follow)

Venuste Nshimiyimana

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